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Supply chain security

At Swissmed, our core business is responsible supply chain management is core to how we do business. We operate within a framework of principles aligned with ethical and environmental responsibilities to help ensure sustainability of our business and the communities in which we operate. 

Swissmed aims to partner with suppliers that are committed to operating their businesses in a responsible
and ethical manner. 

Swissmed strongly encourages our partners to support our Supplier Conduct Principles or adopt their own codes, which include expectations similar to ours.

Pharmaceutical supply chain management: 
• Operate in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. 
• Conduct business in an ethical manner, acting with integrity with our consumers in mind. 
• Provide a secure, sanitary and humidity controlled environment for distribution. 
• Facilitate compliance using management systems to assure secure assets, product velocity, availability, transportation,   conveyance requirements and information / data exchange. 
• Use of Anti-Counterfeiting and Supply Chain security to increase safety to the consumer. XOM security markers. DS1-128 SCC Container encoding at lot level.

Swissmed offers in-licensing development of generic pharmaceuticals in our R&D Center as well as outsourcing of full size commercial batch production. In addition our regulatory affairs team is able to compile technical data as per country specific dossiers and may assist in carrying out bioequivalence studies through relevant clinical research organizations as per required guidelines. Further, we have the capability of manufacturing final dosage forms in country specific GMP approved facilities.